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About Me...

Hello, I'm Stuart Hodgson, do-er of all things visually creative, and if your reading this it means you've found my website and have found it interesting!

Thanks for taking the time to look through a selection of my work - and I hope you have liked what you have seen....

My Commercial Work

I'm a professional full-time graphic designer, living in the mythical monkey hanging town of Hartlepool (North East England - if you don't know the story check it out! We get people taking the micky out of us all the time for this!) However, in the internet age, geography is no boundary for who I work for, consequently I work for many clients across the UK and north-east - and also around the world, including the US. As an experienced commercial graphic designer, my work is wide & varied - and covers design for just about anything & everything, including design for print, web, social & email channels. You name it - I've done it!

Personal Work

As a creative hobby I dabble in other creative stuff, mainly a bit of graphic art & photography. Being creative is a passion and is just in my blood, I have been interested in creativity for as long as I can remember. You can see a lot more of my personal work on this web-site. I would love to start making more of, and promoting this kind of non-commercial photographic and graphic art stuff I do - maybe start selling prints or even display some work!?! One day hopefully! Watch this space......If you can help me do so - please get in touch :-)

To further showcase my personal work - I've just created and self-published 2 books, one containing my natural world photography & the other a huge collection of all my graphic art & photography stuff. You can view these books and even buy a copy on the buy my stuff page!


Other interests

Well I am someone who just has a passion for life I guess, and I have lots of interests, too many to name here. Infact just about anything interests me haha. I think if you look at most stuff on this website, check out my blog and quotes collection websites (links to the right) - then taken all together - that will help you understand what I'm all aboooot!


Get in touch

If your still reading - and like what you see & hear on the web-site - get in touch - it's always good to make contacts. Drop me an email or add me via one of the social media links below.

facebook twitter be flickr deviant linkedin

If your looking at me in a commercials sense and maybe you'd like some design work doing, OR you want to get hold of some of my artwork, OR you could help me showcase any of my work in any way, then again, just get in touch, it would be good to hear from you.






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I have many years experience of the graphic design industry, working for prestigious clients such as Aston Martin, NHS, Highland Park Whisky, Bank of America, East Coast Rail, Forest Holidays, Hoseasons, USG, Northumbrian Water, Tees Valley Arts, Hartlepool Borough Council and New Writing North.