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It's not often you celebrate a wedding, christening or birth of a baby - so it's important to celebrate your special occasion in style!

That's where I come in...

I'm Stuart Hodgson, a highly experienced commercial graphic designer who now also designs beautiful thank you cards & invites that are designed to your exact individual taste and be as unique as your very special occasion.


Below is a selection of my designs for thank you cards & invites, which show the quality of my work, followed by my prices and happy customer recommendations!

If you are impressed by what you see and want a quick, reliable, quality & personal design service (that's a million miles away from those cheap-looking, bog-standard mass-produced template designs from faceless online print companies) - then drop me an email with your info & and we'll take it from there! I promise you will love what I create for you :-)


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Design Examples:

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wedding thank you card stylish

This elegant thank you card design was created to celebrate the stylish Italian wedding of Robert & Victoria from Hartlepool.


Wedding thank you card stylish best cheap


wedding thank you cards


wedding thank you card designs


thank you cards wedding stylish creative ideas invites baby christening

My clients wedding photos are often stunning and whenever I design thank you cards I like to use the best wedding pics and let them make the wow factor without cluttering up the design. By cropping the photos in the best way, and with the addition of carefully designed text, classy fonts and subtle design elements - I think they combine well to create stylish thank you cards. I then print these on heavy grade 400gsm silk paper so they feel great to the touch (I've seen plenty of thank you cards/invites which have a nice design - but are printed on flimsy paper so look cheap - not the effect you want!). If you have any special events coming up - please bear my services in mind :-)


wedding thank you cards




baby thank you card & invite

As is often with the baby thank you cards I create, the aim is to show off the beautiful babies through lots of well-layed out photos which are cropped to perfection, and sometimes the colour of the photos are changed to black & white. The photos are then complimented with elegant & stylish typography and nice use of colour - quite often pink for girls & blue for boys! But I can be as creative or traditional as you want!


baby thank you card creative stylish


Baby Thank You Card from hartlepool


baby christening thank you card creative stylish modern





christening invitation for baby boy

naming ceremony invite, christening invite, baby first birthday


Christening invitation and thank you card design for baby

For the christening invite design above Natalia's mum wanted to use 1 photo with a simple, minimal classy design.
The colours where selected to match the theme of Natalias nursery which used items from Mamas and Pappas.


christening invitation for baby boy


Christening Invitation Design for baby

This invite was for a double christening. My client supplied the photos she wanted to use - along with the colour scheme - and away I went and created and printed the prefect christening invitaions!


chrsitening invite

Blakes mum had a clear idea of what she wanted in the design for this invite, including colours, particular photos & fonts, and also the train & star graphics. I then designed an invite to perfectly match my clients needs!


christening invite


christening invite twins boy girl green modern best


christening invite baby boy blue modern train

naming day invite for baby girl

christening invite



wedding invitation stylish italy lake como

This beautiful & classy wedding invitation was created to celebrate the stylish Italian, Lake Como wedding of Robert & Victoria Auton.


modern wedding invitation

Claire & Steven from Teesside wanted something a little different for their wedding invite - something less traditional & formal. As ever I can design something that perfectly fits my clients needs.


save the date wedding card

I have designed save the date cards too - in the above artwork I applied a summery image effect to the photo - as this is complimented by an informal handwriting style as the couple didn't want anything too traditional or classic.


wedding invitations in hartlepool

The stunning invite design to celebrate the wedding of Clare & David from Hartlepool - this invite was designed to perfectly compliment the colour scheme from the wedding day and the intricate lace on Clare's dress

wedding invitation for redworth hall



wedding thank you cards


birthday invite for 21st 30th party








*Please read the READ ME NOTES notes below on quantities, paper stock, envelopes & colour printing


Like the sound of these prices? Get in touch




I can only offer quantities in batches of 50 or 100 (or more if needed - ask for details). The time spent on design is the same no matter how many invites get designed and in terms of printing the cost in the actual printing process (i.e the printing press set-up & delivery, thats why 50 is not much cheaper than 100, as the only cost difference is the paper and ink - which is not much at all. In terms of quantities - the invites get printed on massive sheets on the printing presses and then cut up - so that's why the quantities are 50 or 100. To keep things simple I just offer these set-ranges - as you could ask for say 70 invites - but you would be paying the same price as if you ordered 100 - so I'd rather you got the extra invites - better to have too many than too few invites I think. I hope you now understand why my prices are what they are now

All invites & thankyou cards use 400gsm paper-stock - which simply put for the lay person is a sturdy thin card (rather like a typical postcard) that I find adds a touch of quality and feels good in the hand. This comes in satin or gloss - I find satin looks & feels classier with it's subtle sheen and smooth to the touch.

I don't suply envelopes with my invites
, as I like my clients to cut out the middle-man (me - as I would have to apply a mark-up!). My invite sizes are all standard sizes which match standard envelope sizes so for example a6 invites fit in c6 envelopes, DL size invites fit in DL envelopes (hence the name of this invite size above!) You can get standard white enevlopes for these sizes for a couple of quid from any supermarket or even pound shop! For an extra special touch, such as metalic envelopes or hammered effect paper envelopes - I direct my clients to ebay, which is the best value place around for these sort of things. For example you can pick up 100 high quality envelopes for about £5. You can get some really nice envelopes on ebay in the size to fit your invites and you can choose the style, paper effect & colour. My personal preference is the hammered effect envelopes - where the paper has a kind of bumpy surface and gives a quality touch to your invites - but the choice is yours! I could offer envelopes - but it's just better value for you if you cut out the middleman and go direct!

I'm a designer - and it's the design of the invites / thankyou cards which give them the wow factor.
You could stick embelishments onto the cards themselves if you get some from a craft shop - some of my clients have done just that - but it's not a service I offer personally - I just stick to what i'm good at - design!

All invites & thank you cards are printed full colour both sides on lithographic printing presses - they are not digitally printed so are better quality. Full colour means regular CYMK printing which allows any regular colour
to be printed. You can create a gold colour effect from CYMK - like what you see on this web-page - but this is not an actual shiny gold colour - if you want an actual metallic effect - that costs a little more as it's an extra ink - ask for details.

•I am only able to deliver invites & thank you cards within the United Kingdom
•I pride myself on producing a quality end-product, and ensure my clients are 100% happy all the time.
• If for some reason you are un-happy with what you get delivered, if you contact me via email within 7 days, and the invites are posted back to me within 14 days - I will guarantee to redeliver re-printed invites
at no extra cost.





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clients: NHS, hartlepool Borough Council, Northumbrian Water


About Stuart

I have many years experience of the graphic design industry, working for prestigious clients such as Aston Martin, NHS, Highland Park Whisky, Bank of America, East Coast Rail, Forest Holidays, Hoseasons, USG, Northumbrian Water, Tees Valley Arts, Hartlepool Borough Council and New Writing North.

All of my experience and talent enables me to design only the best quality invites & thank you cards - and because I'm a one man band who works very efficiently - my service is very affordable - and in terms of quality vs. price - I cannot be matched!

While your at it - why not check out some of my other creative work by clicking the link below...